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Career Practitioners Seminar 2012


Missed out on the 2012 Careers Practitioner Seminar? Don't worry. All the presentations are available here. For further information contact Jodie Martin-Blick.

9.00 am


Faculty displays will be set up allowing attendees to collect additional information.

9.20 am


This session will provide an overview of the new suite of Monash Scholarships that will beavailable to commencing students in 2013.

9.20 am

The Evolution of Teacher Education
Associate Professor Deborah Corrigan
Deputy Dean- Faculty of Education


Download the powerpoint presentation (3.5mb, PPT)

10.30 am

Review of Admissions for 2012-13

Mr James Marshall, Manager University Admissions

Mr Marshall will provide:

  • A broad overview of university wide selection for 2012
  • Changes and new courses proposed for 2013
  • Overview of the SEAS program and changes for 2013.

Download the powerpoint presentation (46mb, PPT)

10.50 am


11.00 am


Workshops Session 1 (30 minutes each)

11.30 am

1. Careers in Science
Professor Steven Langford, Head of School Chemistry

Science is a rapidly developing industry, where career choices are becoming increasingly complex and exciting. This session will outline the emerging and traditional career paths Monash Science students can take. This session will outline just some of the opportunities our graduates are embarking on and the exciting things our students are doing to make themselves job ready.

Download the powerpoint presentation (6.64mb, PPT)


2. Introduction to the new Bachelor of Communication Design
Mr Gene Bawden, Deputy Head, Design (Communication Design)

As media platforms converge, and new technologies emerge, industry now expects designers to be skilled across multiple media. The changing face of magazines illustrates this need for multi-skilled designers perfectly. As print magazines move online, graphic designers must incorporate interactivity and motion graphics into their layouts, illustrations and advertisements. Conversely digital designers must now understand the role of traditional design disciplines, such as branding, typography and illustration, as these areas become more prominent in the digital space.

Our Communication Design degree has been developed with this in mind and will equip graduates with skills and knowledge that are relevant to the marketplace. The program at Monash is unique as it combines visual communication, multimedia and motion graphicsinto one innovative degree.

Download the powerpoint presentation (1.65mb, PDF)


3. Changes to entry requirement and courses at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica Rostas, Communications Manager, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

From 2013 entry requirements for the Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Pharmacy/Commerce will change. A Supplementary Information Form will replace the UMAT as an admission requirement. Find out more about the form and how it will be used.

Also included is an introduction to the Facultys new course, The Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Advanced Honors. Find out about this challenging program suitable for high achieving students interested in a career in the pharmaceutical or biomedical fields

Download the powerpoint presentation (301kb, PPT)


4. New Directions in Teaching Degrees
Dr Angela Fitzgerald (Lecturer Bachelor of Education (P-10), Seshna Maharaj (Marketing and Recruitment Officer, Faculty of Education) and current students

The seminar will provide an insight into the facultys newest program, the Bachelor of Education (P-10). This is a unique program for students who are interested in teaching both primary aged children and adolescents. This session will comprise of an interactive panel with academic staff and current students participating in a Q&A session. The session will provide an insight on the course content, student experiences of the course and an insight about university life. It will also provide key information about current courses and future course developments such as Special Education.

Download the powerpoint presentation (2.35mb, PPT)

Workshops Session 2 (30 minutes each)

12.00 pm

1. Information Technology Future Proofing your Career
Andrew Owen: Marketing Faculty of Information Technology and representatives from the Caulfield and Clayton IT Student associations (Wired and

Join a panel of staff and students from the Faculty of Information Technology. Discussions will include current student activities, industry engagement and exciting future career prospects.

The session will also include a showcase of award winning student work, The Google student ambassador program and Industry based learning. Finally, participants will also have an opportunity to fly an AR Drone controlled from a mobile phone.

There is no presentation for this workshop.


2. Exploring the Monash Architecture Residency in Prato, Italy
Diego Ramirez-Lovering, Head, Department of Architecture and a current student

With dissolving national boundaries and increasing levels of global exchange, MonashArchitecture believes that our graduates need to understand different cultures, economiesand working practices. Monash Architecture is committed to the internationalization of theprogram and the Prato residency plays a pivotal role in this undertaking.

The Centre is used as a base to engage with some of Europes most significant cities andesteemed institutions. During the third year of the course, the semester program in Pratofocuses on issues of urban design, analyzing and speculating upon the city.

The Prato residency also allows for further connections between architecture, art anddesign, as students study alongside other art and design students. This presentation willfocus on the student experiences in the Prato Centre and the range of opportunitiesarising from it.

There is no presentation for this workshop.


3. Becoming a Nurse: Education to Inspire
Dr Simon Cooper, Associate Professor (Acute Care), Campus Head School of Nursing and Midwifery (Berwick)

This session will introduce the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Monash University withparticular reference to the new School at Berwick campus. Contemporary developmentsin teaching and learning will be discussed including the latest simulation techniques anddevelopments with patient actor roles.

Download the powerpoint presentation (1.54mb, PPT)


4. Pathways to Law at Monash
Ms Rachel Chrapot, Program Director JD, Jamie McDonald, Marketing Manager and current JD students

In 2011, Monash Law was ranked as one of the worlds top 20 law schools by the QSWorld University Rankings, prompting ever increasing applications.

This session will provide you with clear information on the pathways into undergraduatelaw for your students and an update on the Monash Law undergraduate program.

Focus will then shift to the Monash Juris Doctor postgraduate degree and a discussionpanel made up of the Monash JD Program Director and current students to answer yourquestions.

Download the powerpoint presentation (14.6mb, PPT)

Workshops Session 3 (30 minutes each)

12.30 am

1. Medicine at Monash
Ms Karyn Asher, Executive Officer

This session will focus specifically on the Admission procedures for MBBS at Monash andwill also give an overview of the multiple mini interview process. In addition the Ms Asherwill also cover the option for students to undertake the MBBS at the Sunway Campus inMalaysia.

Download the powerpoint presentation (1.38mb, PPT)


2. New courses and developments in Commerce, Business and Economics
Professor Robert Brooks, Deputy Dean, Education

A number of developments in Business and Economics are planned for 2013, includingseveral new courses designed to meet the needs of very high achieving students.Engagement with industry is vital to the development of employable business graduates.Hear from us on how we are meeting this need and gain insight from a current studentwhos completed an internship as part of their study.

Download the powerpoint presentation (1.58mb, PPT)


3. Career outcomes during and after Monash
Tonya Wimhurst, Careers Education Consultant

This presentation will be presented by Monash Employment and Career Development. Itwill focus on:

  • Employment outcomes for Monash students, including employers, job title and some general trends.
  • The employment and career development support to all students, from casual jobs in first year to PhD opportunities

Download the powerpoint presentation (2.6mb, PPT)


4. Engineering the future
Dr Kris Ryan, Associate Dean of Teaching, Faculty of Engineering

Monash Engineering is internationally renowned for its innovative teaching style and theprogressive research being undertaken to address the global demands of the 21stcentury as a result graduates of this Faculty are highly sought. Dr. Ryan will focus on thetraditional career paths for the various engineering areas, as well as new and emergingopportunities for single and double degree graduates. As the Faculty offers a variety ofareas to study including double degrees, this enables engineering graduates to considera breadth of relevant employment options.

Graduating from a Monash engineering degree can lead to lucrative international and/ornational careers.

Download the powerpoint presentation (21mb, PPT)


Building H, Caufield Campus


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