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If you’ve got the drive and desire to study at university, the Diploma of Tertiary Studies can make it happen.

The Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DoTS) is an alternative entry pathway to Monash if you don’t meet the requirements for direct entry into a range of Monash bachelor degrees. The DoTS program is equivalent to first year of a university undergraduate degree. You can enter directly into second year of a range of Monash degrees upon successful completion of the Diploma .

DoTS is a one year program that lets you begin studying towards your Monash degree from day one. DoTS is offered at our Berwick and Peninsula campus. When you apply for DoTS, you will select a preferred stream. You will have the flexibility to choose a stream that interests you from Business, Education or Nursing. It is this stream that forms the first year of your degree, and determines which Monash degree you can pathway into.


  • a DoTS stream in Nursing will lead you to a Bachelor of Nursing
  • a DoTS stream in Education will lead you to a Bachelor of Education (Honours).

You will be able to transfer into the second year of your approved chosen degree after successful completion of the DoTS program.

You will complete six units in the stream of your choice combined with two introductory tertiary units.

Introductory units

  1. Learning in a university context
  2. The first introductory unit ‘Learning in a university context’ will introduce you to what it’s like to study at university. It will develop your study skills and build your confidence as a first year university student.

  3. Knowledge and context
  4. The second introductory unit ‘Knowledge and context’ will look at the importance of understanding knowledge in a range of contexts. You will identify, compare and discuss different approaches to knowledge.


DoTS gives you:

  • the opportunity to study at Monash if you didn’t get the Year 12 score you expected
  • support and guidance for successful study, making it ideal if you are thinking about returning to university after travelling or working
  • the ability to study towards your chosen degree from day one
  • the option to progress to a globally- recognised degree from Monash University – opening the door for career opportunities in Australia and around the world.

On completion of DoTS, you will have developed the skills for success. Your critical and analytical thinking, and oral and writing skills will be polished and you will be ready to take the next step in your higher education career with confidence.