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An education agent can assist you with your university application and visa arrangements. They understand the university system in Australia, and can help you:

  • work out which course is best for you
  • understand our entry requirements
  • apply to Monash
  • organise the documents you'll need
  • arrange your visa.

Monash-accredited agents best represent Monash University. They have expert knowledge of the university and our courses. They can generally help you with all (or most) courses offered by Monash University, Monash College and the Monash University English Language Centre.

Some agents may charge a fee for additional services including out-of-pocket expenses. Ask the agent what these costs are before your appointment.

Not all agents who claim to represent Monash are licensed Monash agents. To check, please use the Monash agents database.

While it's best to use a Monash-accredited agent, you may choose an alternative person to help you complete your application. Use this form to nominate them as your representative (pdf, 28kb).