Study areas for Bachelor of Business (Psychology), Monash University

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Study areas for Bachelor of Business (Psychology)



If you are interested in a business degree you will probably want, at some point in your career, to move into a management role. Managers plan, organise, lead, and control. Good managers are essential to the successful running of any business no matter what its size.

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Identifying and satisfying customer needs profitably form the basis of marketing. It includes creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging goods and services that have value to potential customers and, often, building strong relationships between an organisation and its customers. It can include market research, product development and communication strategies as well as product delivery logistics.

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Psychology examines human nature: how we interact, operate and think. It is concerned with problem-solving, perception, decision making and communication. Business psychology seeks to adapt this understanding to assist organisations to operate more effectively.

Note: Students will need to travel to Clayton campus for psychology units.

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  • Career opportunities

    There are few fields of study that open up as many career opportunities as business, and a psychology qualification will make potential employers even more interested. Our graduates work all over the world. They work in banking, counselling, communications, insurance and human resources. They work for the government, medical clinics and major corporations. The range of career options depends on the subjects chosen but, given we offer a double major with the option of a third, graduates will be able to explore many career paths.

    Examples of roles that graduates can pursue include self-employed counsellor, workplace psychologist for a government department, human resources officer for a major corporation, entrepreneur running your own business, or business analyst in a bank or consulting firm.

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