Admissions information for domestic students, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, Monash University

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Admissions information for domestic students
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science


Entry requirements

Minimum entrance requirements

Equivalent Australian Year 12.

Minimum entrance requirements for non-school-leavers

TAFE Diploma graduates

To be considered, applicants who have completed VCE or its equivalent and who are applying with a science-based diploma will require a minimum average result of at least 60%

Applicants who have not completed VCE but have completed a science-based diploma will require a minimum average results of at least 70%

TAFE Certificate IV graduates

Science-based certificate IV level studies will be considered where the applicant has average results of 80% or above. For applicants who have also completed VCE, both qualifications will be considered. No credit is granted for these studies.


A pass grade in two single units satisfies minimum entry requirements, but more units may be useful for selection, especially in science areas. Applicants should have at least a 60% average in their studies.

Studies must have been completed within a five years of intended commencement.

VCE prerequisites

Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in English other than EAL; and a study score of at least 25 in one of Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Maths: Mathematical Methods (CAS), Maths: Specialist Mathematics, Physics or Psychology.

International Baccalaureate subject prerequisites

  • One of biology (any), chemistry (any), geography (any), mathematics SL, further mathematics SL, mathematics HL, physics (any) or psychology (any), and
  • A score of at least 4 in English SL or 3 in English HL or 5 in English B SL or 4 in English B HL).

University entrance requirements

Minimum entrance requirements for admission to Monash University Australia.

Entry scores

Qualification Clayton
2015 ATAR clearly in for CSP 85.00


Semester one (March)

Applications for on campus studies should be made online through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre.

Semester two (July)

Apply directly to Monash

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    Telephone: 1800 MONASH
    (1800 666 274) within Australia
    (+61) 3 9902 6011 from outside Australia
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  • Career opportunities

    This degree provides a foundation for a career in the vast fields of science or the broad range of opportunities available to arts graduates. Graduates of this double degree bridge the gap between science and communication with strong skills in both disciplines.

    Job opportunities are extremely diverse and may include work in research institutes and industry fields related to technology, production, environment, agriculture, minerals and resources. These industries value employers with sound scientific knowledge and the ability to communicate strategies, policies and findings to the public.

    Career opportunities also exist in planning agencies, management and administration, public relations, human resource management and marketing.

    We help students connect with employers, find jobs and explore career options.