Student life and support


Fees and fines

We cannot release your results or let you graduate until you pay all of your outstanding University fees and fines, including parking and library fines.


Graduation is not automatic when you finish your course. You must apply in your final semester. You can attend a graduation in Australia or overseas.

See eligibility to graduate for when and how to apply.

Academic record

You will get a free copy of your academic record when you graduate. If you need a copy before then, see academic record (transcript).


When you get your degree or diploma, you automatically become part of the global community of Monash University alumni. Register your details to receive information and updates.

Alumni privileges include access to:

  • alumni-only discounts
  • electronic newsletter (subscribe)
  • career news and networking opportunities
  • Monash Magazine.

For more information, see the alumni website.

Careers resources

Employment and Career Development provides career resources, services and information to help you plan your career. Personal services are free for one year after your last exam.

International students