Monash University Chaplaincy provides pastoral and spiritual care to all members of the University community, of all faiths and none.  Monash University believes that this aspect of care and support is an important feature in its holistic provision of services to staff and students.

Chaplains are appointed with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor and all Monash University Chaplains are fully accredited by the Council for Chaplains in Tertiary Institutions of Victoria and are members of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association (Australia).

Although not employed by the University, Chaplains are placed by the faith group to whom they are accountable and are supported by their own religious traditions.

Each Campus has at least one resident Chaplain who is available to both students and staff.

Religious centre

A large multi-faith centre for weddings, christenings, funerals, memorial services, private prayer and seminars

Religious Centre, Clayton Campus
Religious Centre, Clayton Campus