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SPIN - Sponsored Program Information Network

Farewell SPIN

With Research Professional (RP) on board (see below), Monash will discontinue its subscription to SPIN as of the end of February 2013. As a current user of SPIN, you will now need to switch your funding searches to RP.

Introducing Research Professional – your online funding database!

As you know, Monash University is committed to providing researchers and research support staff with the very best tools available to help them identify the right funding opportunity for their needs.

To achieve this, Monash has just purchased a licence for Research Professional (RP) - an exciting tool that makes it easy for Australian researchers to find national and international grants, fellowships and prizes, and includes a compendium of worldwide research news.

How RP will work

  • All Monash University staff have access to Research Professional when using a computer within the Monash IP ranges (or on campus).
  • RP accounts have been created for all Monash research staff using their Monash email address as the user name. You can also create your own profile in Research Professional if one has not been automatically created. Instructions to help are located here.
  • If you want to use some of the more advanced functions, or access the system off campus, you will need to create a user account.

How to access RP

You can access Research Professional via the MRO website (right of page).

The MRO also maintains an RP information and resources page.

Future improvements!

Monash Research Office is currently working on a project to tailor the system to meet specific needs of Faculties. Each area will have key users to assist in the use of the system. If you have any difficulty in using the system, please contact the relevant Faculty Key Contact for your area. If you have any technical problems, please log a job with the MRO RIS Service Desk.

Need help?

If you have queries about the phase-out of the following MRO tools and services, please contact:

  • Dennis Batson about SPIN (phone: 990 51193)
  • John Cooney about the MRO funding opportunities database and MRO Bulletin (phone: 990 20083)

We look forward to helping researchers maximise their funding opportunities with Research Professional and we would welcome your feedback on how it works for you.

Halina Oswald
Director, Monash Research Office



SPIN is a searchable, web database for staff and students, accessible from all Monash campuses and externally through the Monash web server.

The system allows Monash academic and support staff to set up research profiles using keywords and other criteria. When a funding scheme is updated on the system, the keywords for that scheme are checked against the researcher profile and if there is a match, then the researcher is automatically sent an email notifying him/her of the opportunity.

The links below provide further information and instructions for accessing and setting your profile.

SPIN (Sponsored Program Information Network)

SPIN is a searchable database of national and international government and private funding opportunities, some of which are very specific. This allows individuals to search by keyword or academic discipline for a variety of schemes for which Australian researchers may apply.

SPIN is available to all staff and students at Monash and can be accessed from Monash Campuses or from outside through the Monash web server, ie. you will need a e-mail address. Works better with Internet Explorer.

To access SPIN Click SPIN on the left-hand menu bar. The SPIN main page will appear.

SMARTS (SPIN Matching And Research Transmitted System ) allows individual researchers to set up a research profile using keywords within SPIN. When a funding scheme is updated on the system, the keywords for that scheme are checked against the researcher profile and if there is a match, then the researcher is automatically sent an email notifying him/her of the opportunity.

GENIUS (Global Expertise Network for Industry, Universities & Scholars) builds on the data entered for SMARTS by allowing researchers to enter a comprehensive set of information about their research expertise, eg. committee membership, collaborators, students being supervised, publications, sponsored funding, patents etc. This information forms the expertise database and can be accessed globally.

SMARTS/GENIUS (For Monash Staff only)

If you have chosen to enter your Portal first via the Login option from this screen, you may access SPIN after logging in by navigating to Find Funding on the Side Bar, followed by SPIN. This will open the SPIN Quick Search screen.

Please note: SPIN has very useful online help.

For assistance with searches on SPIN, or for setting up a research profile and related issues contact Dennis Batson the Monash system administrator.