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  • Research Integrity
    Research Integrity describes the appropriate conduct of research via practices that are commonly accepted within the research community for proposing, undertaking and reporting of research. Although it includes seeking the required clearances for research activities it goes far beyond simply meeting legislative requirements. more...
  • Research Data Management
    A number of ethical requirements apply to the management of research data, particularly where the research involves human subjects (e.g. surveys, interviews, and analyses of personal data from government agencies).more...
  • Biosafety
    Biosafety is concerned with gene technology i.e. any work involving the modification of organisms by the direct incorporation (or deletion) of one or more genes to introduce or alter specific characteristic(s) more...
  • Human Ethics
    Human research as defined in the National Statement on ethical conduct in human research (2007) is "research conducted with or about people, or their data or tissue". The Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (MUHREC) reviews all research involving human participants at the University and primarily considers issues that constitute integrity, respect for persons, beneficence, justice, consent, research merit and safety more...
  • Animal Ethics
    Any person at Monash University who wishes to use animals in research or teaching must first obtain approval from their local Department or School Animal Ethics Committee (AEC). Only after approval from their AEC may the project commence. Many Granting bodies including the NHMRC, ARC and the National Heart Foundation do not release funding until they are advised by the Animal Ethics section of Monash Research Office that animal ethics clearances have been obtained for the successful grant more...
  • Quarantine
    The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) control Australia\'s borders to minimise the risk of exotic pests and diseases and agriculture industries and the environment more...
  • Export Control
    Australia’s export control system aims to stop goods and technology that can be used in Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons, or Military Goods and Technologies, from being transferred to individuals, states or groups of proliferation concern. more...

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