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Monash Research Office Past Events, Seminars and Information Sessions

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October Sessions 2006

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ARC Linkage Projects Workshops for draft applications

These Workshops are designed to address specific Sections of your draft application, so bring along the relevant section and we'll workshop together!

PART E Project Description and PART F Partner Organisation Details
Dates: Wed, 11 Oct 2006
Time:  11am - 1pm
Venue:  SG01, Menzies (Bldg 11)

PART C Project Cost and PART D Research Support
Tues, 17 Oct 2006
Time:  11am - 1pm
Venue:  SG02, Menzies (Bldg 11)

PART A Administrative Summary and PART B Personnel
Thurs, 19 Oct 2006
Time:  11am - 1pm
Venue:  TBA




Evaluation Results

N/A ***

ARC Discovery 2008 College of Experts Seminar

To support academics in focusing their thoughts on Discovery grant applications for March 2007, the Research Office is holding a seminar session in which current College of Experts provide insights into various aspects of the ARC DP application and process.


  1. Prof Peter Sullivan - SBE panel - Faculty of Education - the Discovery assessment process
  2. Prof David Abramson - MIC panel - Faculty of IT - Background & Significance and Innovation
  3. Dr Mike Green - HCA - Musuem of Victoria - Approach/Methodology
  4. Track Record, National Benefit and all of the other little things which can jeopardise an application.

The session will cross the major discipline boundaries.  The speakers have also been invited to add their personal views on things that "niggle" busy assessors.

Conference Room, Monash Staff Club

Date: Thursday 5th Oct 2006

Time: 3.00pm-5.00pm




Evaluation Results

N/A ***

N/A*** Not Available as evaluations were not conducted during this period.