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Monash Research Office Past Events, Seminars and Information Sessions

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March 2007

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ARC Linkage Projects Information Session

  Research Office staff will provide essential information about the ARC Linkage Scheme including how to complete your application on a section by section basis. The first hour of this session will present an overview of the scheme, designing a competitive application and the assessment process, particularly relevant to first-time applicants or early career researchers. The second hour of the session will provide more detailed information on Budgets, Partner Organisation Contributions, and other TRICKY STUFF and will be of valuable for all researchers, research admininstrators/managers and support staff.

S4 Lecture theatre
Building 25
Tuesday 27th March 2-4pm


Notes provided at information session.  Resources also available here

Evaluation Results

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N/A*** Not Available as evaluations were not conducted during this period.