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Student testimonial - Recent Graduates


The Master of Business (Science and Technology) course has given me a deep insight into how to develop wealth from science. It covers a broad range of business units and draws on them from the perspective of science and technology, both theoretically and practically. The course was very enjoyable and complemented my background (Bachelor of Biotechnology (Medical) with honours) very well. Since completing the course I have begun working in the commercialisation department at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. In my role I assess inventive research projects and implement strategies for commercialisation. With this course I feel I have the foundation to be successful in this industry and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be involved in advancing science without working in the laboratory.

Carrisa Ogden

Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) student



"The Master of Business (Science and Technology) course is a very demanding and equally rewarding course. As a BSc student contemplating honours in Physiology, I looked to MBUS (S&T) as an avenue away from research. Science had captured my interest, however life in a lab was not for me. I was introduced to law, economics, accounting, finance and marketing. These subjects were foreign to me prior to the course and without them my employability was limited. I developed a broad understanding of commerce which complemented my analytical skills and technical knowledge. 


Along with my dramatically increased skill set, I was also exposed to the commercial science industry. Weekly speakers provided valuable insight into various commercial science fields. These included patent lawyers, venture capitalists, angel investors and entrepreneurs. All of which were happy to chat about their industry and employment experience.


The course also provided exposure to research organisations with a need for commercialisation. I was able to take a tour of Ego Pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant and lucky enough to work with CSIRO for my commercialisation project. Exposure to these businesses was valuable in understanding commercial science, and also building an industry related network.


I now work as a graduate at ANZ. The role allows me to move between multiple areas of a large company while building my business acumen and corporate skill set. I hope to work overseas in the future to continue my learning and professional development.


I would recommend this course to all who are looking to try something new and exciting. This course opens many varied employment opportunities."


Daniel Power

Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) student




"A bit over a year after my completion of the course, I found myself in the midst of the worst financial crises ever. However, the year I spent in this course provided me with skill sets that I could 100% use. I have secured a full time permanent role in Institutional Banking and it requires the understanding of the economy, and good analytical writing skills. All of which I believe I gained through the completion of my undergraduate studies in Bio Medical Science, and my graduate studies in this course. The variety of subjects and the exposure I obtained has helped open up a whole new career path which prepared me in any roles in the industry.  I strongly recommend anyone who would like to follow a non-scientific pathway without foregoing what they have learnt during their scientific studies."

Andrew Lim
Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) student


"I think that two of the leading benefits of this course is both the breadth and specificity that it provides. Breadth in that various aspects of business are covered, providing you with a macro view of the business world, and ensuring that you have an understanding of numerous areas. Specificity is addressed within specific subjects and assessments, providing a micro understanding of areas that are relevant for commercialising science and technology. The practical experience that was gained in the commercialisation project allows industry experience to be developed in a real world environment, with the support of course leaders. This aspect really allows you to grow your understanding of the industry, with industry experienced lecturers educating and encouraging you along the way. Your skills and practical knowledge will greatly advance during the year, complementing your previous knowledge base and definitely putting you in a fantastic position to begin your career in this industry."

Emmanuel Churchley
Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) student


The course has given me the fundamental business, economic, legal, marketing and management skills required to contribute to the process of commercialisation.Its core objective was to expose us to industry to utilise our theory and skills in a practical sense via a commercialisation project which ran concurrently with our theory units throughout the year. This experience clearly highlighted the differences between expectations from industry and academia, also better preparing us for employment.

The course equipped me with knowledge and skills which allow me to bridge the gap between researchers and industry or other external organisations such as government agencies. Together with providing me with a broad understanding of concepts in research, management and strategy, it expanded my planning skills and developed my critical thinking and communication skills.

I would definitely recommend it to any science or technology graduate who enjoyed their course yet feels unsure about taking the research path. This course opens the doors to many and varied employment opportunities.

Maree Agiazis
Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) Student


"With employers seeking the most talented and skilled graduates, it is important to complete studies in areas that give you the best possible chance of being employed. This course does just that. A very intense and challenging year; the course bridges the gap between science and engineering related disciplines and essential business knowledge. Employees view this niche set of skills very highly. The course was everything I expected from a Masters program and I wasn't disappointed."

Caner Gurses
Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) Student

"The Masters of Business (Commercialising Science & Technology) course has been skilfully put together by both Nick Birrell and Michael Vitale, and is exceptionally well taught by a broad range of highly experienced lecturers. The course provides it students with the knowledge and hands on experience that differentiates them in the workforce and makes them more attractive to employers. What attracted me to this course was the broad spectrum of subjects on offer, the challenging nature in how the course was run, and the link that it creates between business and science. Whilst highly demanding, I found the course extremely interesting and enjoyed it thoroughly. If you have completed a Science or Technology degree, and have a keen interest in business, then there is no better course that bridges these two very different areas. I am currently working for Novus Capital Ltd in their Melbourne Office. I work in the corporate wing (Novus Capital Partners Pty Ltd) which specialises in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and corporate advisory services. My main line of work specialises in the small to medium sized technology, mining and engineering companies in Novus’s portfolio”.

Ben Yeo
Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) Student

Wan Ru

Master of Business (Commercializing Science and Technology) is an ingeniously designed program that provides Science and Technology students an insight into how wealth can actually be generated from these two aspects. It offers a range of relevant units including intellectual property law, business law, economics, management, marketing, accounting and finance, which constitute the imperative elements required on the commercialization pathway from science to wealth. Skills and knowledge acquired through these units represent the missing pieces that complete the jigsaw puzzle of accomplishing a real-life commercialization project, which forms the most crucial part of the entire Master course. It essentially provides students a valuable opportunity to experience working in a dynamic and challenging environment where they interact closely with scientists, entrepreneurs and, to a certain extent, government authorities, to progressively forward the commercialization project to the next level. A successful completion of this Master of Business course is an enrichment of substantial value-added gains to a primary Science/Technology degree. It nurtures a unique set of qualitative attributes much sought after by employers, and it shall duly grant the graduates an edge over today’s competitive knowledge workers.

Wan Ru
Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) Student


Since graduating from the MBus course, I have worked as an assistant business development manager for a financial planners group, and was part of the cardiovascular account management team at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Currently I'm working as a business development and project manager at Adrenalin, a communications agency that creates medical education programs for GPs and produces medical writing and promotional material for new drugs on the market. On a part time basis I'm also heading the finance team for a youth charity event sponsored by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development.

Petrina Davidson
Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) student

The Master of Business (Science and Technology) is an outstanding program that provides an unparalleled foundation for an entrepreneurial career or for technology commercialization roles in larger companies. With several project-based jobs over the past year, I've had the opportunity to leverage much of what I learned through the program. My first project was an internship with venture firm Innovation Capital where I worked with an incredible group of colleagues and startup CEOs to evaluate deals ranging from a device to prevent the oxidation of wine to text analytics software. After returning to Melbourne, I had the opportunity to work with Professor Vitale on a study examining Australia's scientific and commercialization "output" before moving home to California. Back in the US, I helped ResMed Corp. kick off a project to improve sleep apnoea patient "experience" before joining Google, Inc. as an Associate Product Marketing Manager in their Rotational Associate Manager Program. My current rotation is with the Global Acquisitions team where I am responsible for leading Google's cross-sell initiatives worldwide. Every day it seems like I rely on some lesson from the course, whether negotiation skills or IP law, to solve a challenge that I'm facing!

Ben Fohner 
Master of Business (Commercialising Science and Technology) Student