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Commercialisation Projects 2007

An exiting and innovative part of the Master of Business (Science and Technology degree program is the Commercialisation Project (GSB5000). In this year long project, students work with Monash research scientists on the commercialisation of promising research. The following are some examples.

Melissa's commercialisation project involved developing a business plan for a new biosensor.  She addressed questions such as: is it best to form a spin-out company to develop the sensor or is it best to licence it and if so, which are likely candidate licensees.
Emmanuel and his partner, worked with research scientist Sharon Ricardo on the commercialisation of a method for helping the development of underdeveloped premature babies.
Maree and Caner worked with a team of scientists on the business plan for a business selling polyclonal antibodies.
York-See and Daniel worked with Dr Cynthia Witchurch on the best way to take to the clinic a test to help children with cystic fibrosis.