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News and Information regarding the Centre's Alumni

Where are they now?

Kate Eddiehausen

Is a Marketing Co-ordinator for Opto Global in Adelaide. Kate is learning about ophthalmic and optometric devices, is developing a new company website, product brochures and catalogue,market analysis and is looking to have input into some commercialisation grant applications

 Jocelyn Quek

I am working as an Associate Consultant for Aristal Solutions in Malaysia. Aristal is a provider of ITand management consulting services to organizations in the Financial Services industry, includingsystems integration, merger integration, software development and implementation as well as ITstrategy formulation, planning, advisory and reviews. As an Associate Consultant, I have been assigned to work on a project which assists a large Malaysian Banking Group to deploy a new core life insurance system & technology infrastructure to its life insurance subsidiary across the nation.

 Elle Tzioumis

Is a Digital Account Manager working for Sericol (subsidiary of Fujifilm). She is the youngest person in the company and is expected to be managing all of Victoria's (and eventuallyTasmania's) large format digital printing, including distribution of the hardware and associated consumables.

 Teck Jung Wong

One of the Centre's 2009 National Australia Bank Business Award recipient, he was on a 3 month internship program working as a Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, Healthcare Business Unit but has since received an offer by Maybank (Malaysia's largest bank) to join their Management Apprentice Programme which he has accepted.

Jack Noonan

One of the Centre's 2009 National Australia Bank Business Award recipient. I am currently working as an Environmental Consultant at Cetec Foray Laboratories. My role includes scientific and technical risk management/optimization for a wide range of projects and marketing operations of the company. These projects are generally associated with sustainability, industrial triage, OHS, environmental care, and/or analytical laboratory services. At the moment, I am involved in delivering a cost benefit project for an office environment by exploiting the link between indoor environmental quality and a company's productivity and financial performance. I am also working alongside a number of construction companies to make hospitals that are presently being built in Victoria safer, healthier, and more sustainable for all concerned.

Ben Fohner

I am currently working as an Associate Product Marketing Manager, Global Acquisitions at Google Inc. I manage major business to business marketing campaigns in 44 markets

 Keith NG

I am currently working as a Manager Trainee at GCS Management in Penang, Malaysia. I am responsible for various office duties, especially official correspondence with the government, financial institutions and other companies. I am learning management skills and secretarial knowledge as well as being acquainted with different business legislations in Malaysia.

Christopher Davin

I am currently working as a Business Analyst at the ANZ Bank in a section of the bank called 'National Customer Enablement' which open, close and amend accounts for big corporate customers. Day to day my team does operations support for the Customer Enablement teams nationally.such as identifying issues, looking at ways of improving current processes, establishing ways of improving customer experience with our products and providing general support to the teams. I originally went through a recruitment agency which is when I started at ANZ a couple months after finishing the MBus course in 2008. Originally I was a temp doing data entry in a team but I was soon made permanent and selected by one of the managers to be in a Leadership Development program. Nine people in our area (out of about 100 people) were selected to do this which was a great opportunity. So I have been doing that throughout the past year and recently got promoted to this Business Analyst role. Doing MBus was definitely a big thing for succeeding to where I am now as despite starting as a temp some of the bigger managers saw what I had studied and achieved at such a young age and it's definitely something I would have needed to move on and get to where I am now so quickly.

Elizabeth Chisholm

I am currently working as a Project Officer for the Monash University, Research & Research Infrastructure. The role entails scoping existing and future Infrastructure to support the Research needs of Monash and the Victorian Biotechnology sector. I am involved in putting together business cases for new platform technologies, with the objective of seeking investment to support the identified research capability needs. This role allows me to work with government, industry and the research sector. I started my present role following a year Internship with the Trans Tasman Commercialisation Fund, during which time I worked closely with the technology transfer office at Monash.

Andrew Lim

Being one of the original National Australia Bank Award recipients back in 2007, the experience of the MBus program had opened up a whole new career for me. After graduating, I was selected to join NAB through its graduate program and had spent majority of my career with the Institutional Banking division. I also had the opportunity to work in the Bank’s Singapore office for more than a year which provided me with a great deal of exposure to the global banking industry. My current role includes legal document negotiations, financial analysis, and relationship management around corporates in the agriculture, resources, energy, utilities, and healthcare sectors. This was a 180 degrees change to what I had been studying in the university (Biomedical Science) and I had not looked back since. Deciding to do this course was definitely one of the best decision I had ever made.

Maree Agiazis

I am currently working at Monash University as a Business Development Associate with a team that provides research development and commercialisation support for both the Faculty of Science and the Institute for Nanoscience, Materials and Manufacture. I am thoroughly enjoying being exposed to a wide variety of challenging projects, ranging from strategic initiatives with Nanoscience through to facilitating research collaboration agreements in the Faculty of Science. This provides a blend of both strategic and practical opportunities for working with researchers within Monash.

Emmanuel Churchley

I am a member of the Business Operations team, which makes up part of Pricewaterhouse Cooper Consulting practice. My role is flexible to address the needs of the client, with process review and redesign, cost management strategies and supply chain and logistics being the major areas that I'm involved in.

Additionally, I usually work with other Consulting teams, which involves working across Strategy, Technology, People and Project aspects of a client job. Clients that I have worked for include telecommunications, retail and insurance companies and government departments.

Shimona Dias

I am currently working as an Assistant Manager - Projects for Zelle Biotechnology which is the Indian agent for Charles River Laboratories, USA and NewLab BioQuality GmbH Germany. Our principals carry out various biopharmaceutical services like cell bank testing, viral and TSE safety studies, characterisation of final products, lot release testing, determination of contaminants and impurities, cell based bioassays, preclinical studies, custom method development, discovery and imaging services, drug metabolism, viral clearance and stability studies. My job (along with the Managing Director) is to coordinate and manage these projects and all the communication between the principals and the Indian clients. Besides this our company has also started its very own small scale laboratory for various contract research services. I (along with the Lab Director) will be managing the projects carried out here as well as getting into the lab to do a bit of bench work myself. I was working with the same company before I started the MBUS course as Assistant Manager- Sales. On my return the Managing Director approached me with the job offer for this different profile and it has provided me with a good blend of scientific and commercial aspects.

York-See Li

I went back to Hong Kong after finishing my last exam. I started looking for job in mid January and got an offer in early February. Now I am working in Vita Green Health Products Co. Ltd. (a pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong) as a customer service executive. I promote health supplements to clinics and hospitals and arrange monthly symposiums for doctors. I would like to gain more working experiences in Hong Kong and maybe other countries before returning to Australia.

Caner Gurses

I'm currently working as a consultant for Bankwest. I'm in lending working within the branch. This year I'll be travelling for a few months and I've managed to secure a full time position with them. I started working in February full time, and I'll be taking the winter months off to enjoy the European summer.

Wan Ru

Upon my return to Malaysia, I joined YSG Biotech Sdn. Bhd., a semi-government commercial entity under the Sabah Foundation Group, the largest governmental organization in the state, and which is symbolically associated with social and economic developments. The company's core business activity is oriented towards commercialization and R & D of high value plant species like Teak (Tectona grandis) using Tissue Culture techniques for local and international markets in Australia, Central and South America, Tanzania as well as Africa. As a Senior Research/Business Development Officer, my responsibilities range from carrying out research works to improve the qualitative traits of teak and other economically important plant species to increasing the production lines to further strengthen the company's professional reputation as a world-class supplier of superior tissue culture plants. I am also involved in the business development of the company. Tasks include preparing business proposals, translating research outcomes into commercially viable and value-added prospects, with the ultimate aim of maximizing the company's revenue base.

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