Welcome to the Asia Pacific Centre for Science and Wealth Creation the orginal home of the Master of Business (Science and Technology) Program until 2013.
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The Asia Pacific Centre for Science and Wealth Creation.

Building 75

Monash is committed to helping researchers commercialise leading edge science and technology projects

As from 26th November 2012 the Asia Pacific Centre for Science and Wealth Creation will be closed.

The Centre was previuosly involved in teaching the Master of Business (Science and Technology) until the end of 2012.This course provides an opportunity for students from a science or technology background to gain practical business skills for a career in the commercialisation of scientific or technological research.

This course is an intensive program which uses a range of novel teaching methods such as a commercialisation project working in a scientific or technological field. Study may be taken in full time or part time mode.This course will now be admistered by the Faculty of Business and Economics. 

What's happened in 2012

Seminars 2012


Ruslan Kogan is a serial entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Kogan Technologies.

At the request of the speaker, the podcast is no longer available.  Monash students and staff can access a version at http://echosystem.lib.monash.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/be336aa6-093d-49fa-945f-db54b8d7f4c3/media.m4v



David Austin -Consultant, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur Managing Director, Bailey Austin Strategic Innovation Partners Pty Ltd

Dr Jana Matthews Entrepreneur, Author, Thought Leader Program Director, ANZ Innovyz START

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin Founder, Blue Chilli Pty Ltd


Podcast from 160512

Video from Seminar 160512

 *See the highlights from our previous seminar below




Nick Birrell Presentation - What is the Appropriate Role of Government in Supporting Innovation?

Podcast from Seminar 180412

Seminar video Nick Birrell, John Brumby, Peter Roberts

Article on John Brumby -The business of boosting innovation


About the Centre

About the Centre

Learn about the Centre's mission, activities and people

·     Education
Information  about the courses taught by the Centre

·     Research
Find out about the areas of research interest of the Centre and some examples of current and past research

·     Wealth Creation
See some examples of activities of the Centre involving creating wealth from science or interactions between with commerce and industry

·     Graduates of the Centre-Where are they now?
The Centre is proud of its Alumni and their achievements. Find information on the Centre's Alumni and their careers.

·     Frequently Asked Questions
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Looking for an exciting career option which builds on your science or technology degree?

Maybe the Master of Business (Science and Technology) would be right for you.