Ms Marina Skiba - Researcher Profile

Marina Skiba


Epidemiology & Preventative Medicine
Monash Medical School Building, The Alfred Hospital


Marina has 25 years experience in clinical research with expertise in protocol development, ethics applications, data management and project co-ordination. She is the Regulatory Affairs Manager for Clinical Pharmacology and provides support to Clinical Pharmacology honours students, PhD students, visiting academics and Registrars.

She is a founding member of the SPHPM Research Governance Committee and chaired the committee from 2010 to 2014. She is also currently an acting Research Governance Office for the school where she co-ordinates the running of the annual self-audit, contributes to Research Governance training within SPHPM and provides support to staff and students in matter of research governance. For further information regarding research governance within the school please see: Research Governance

Marina sits on the Research Review committee which is a sub-committee to the Alfred Hospital Ethics Committee. This committee reviews all high risk projects prior to ethics committee review.


Institution: University of Melbourne
Year awarded: 1991


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