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Small leg UNIQUE products and devices

REHABTech has had many requests for fabrication of not only customised orthotic/prosthetic components, but also a wide range of specialised rehabilitation equipment.

This product range is intended only to complement the variety of commercially available products, and not to replace them. By listing these, REHABTech can make available unique products/ devices to the industry which would otherwise not be available. You are able to download the complete catalogue (PDF) now or browse through the collection.

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If you are interested in purchase or representing these products in your area, please contact REHABTech.
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Our unique products are described in the following categories:

  1. Lower Limb Prosthetic Components
  2. LowerLimb Sports and Recreational Prostheses
  3. Footwear Accessories
  4. Upper LimbProsthetics Accessories
  5. Upper Limb TrainingProstheses
  6. Wheelchair Accessories
  7. Manufacturing Equipment
  8. Researchand Assessment Equipment
  9. Information and Publications
  10. Display Equipment