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Research details updated: 1 April, 2004

RESEARCH and development

The use of silicone liners in early prosthetic rehabilitation: a pilot trial

Prem Anandam. Prosthetist/Orthotist ,
Orthotic Prosthetic Services Tasmania. Link to the pdf copy provided to us by Prem



Overhead harness for gait re-education
Dynamic Dynamic diagnostic socket / skin interface monitoring using a prosthesis mounted video camera
Perfusion Skin perfusion pressure response monitor
Temperature reading Assessment of the accuracy and reliability of three hand held Infrared temperature probes for clinical use
Loads pylon Loads in a prosthetic pylon using strain gauges
Tester for knee units Tester for the decay of hydraulic/pneumatic knee control units
Video tracking device Video tracking device for gait analysis
Balance test Minimisation of risk factors in elderly people
Transducer Piezoelctric Transducer System for Measurement of Loads in Lower Limb Prostheses


Visual feedback Visual feedback for myoelectric hand prosthes
SIR - 1 robot The SIR - 1 robot


CADCAM: Digital manipulation of prosthesis data for the introduction of advanced manufacturing techniques. CADCAM socket
Fatigue Crack Growth Of Prosthetic Components Crack Growth
Muscle activation patterns in the trans tibial amputee EMG measurement
Prosthetic Foot Design
Includes new information 10 Aug 2001
Prosthetic Foot
Investigation of the Decaying Performance of Hydraulic Knee Controllers Controller
Trans-Tibial Manufacture Using Silicone Cups Silicone Cup
Laminated socket properties Laminated socket
Socket stress distribution Socket stress distribution
A system for non-contact measurement of amputee stumps Measurement
Trans tibial suspension evaluation Trans tibial
Elastic strain energy discus leg Discus leg
Investigation of Prosthetic ankle design Ankle design
Postural stability measurements in amputee patients Postural stability
Material fatigue in the prosthetic SACH foot fatigue properties


Elastic Strain Energy Footwear in a practical setting The e-shoe
Investigations of energy return footwear: the Eshoe The e-shoe

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