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Small leg INFORMATION FOR THE Health Professional

Here is a list of resources for the health professional available on the REHABTech site.

  • Information relating to patients

  • Information relating to manufacturing Techniques

  • How to find health information resources at REHABTech

  • Information relating to components

  • Information relating to the TechGUIDE's
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    Information relating to patients
    These are guides only. Feel free to add further information for your patients. Contact REHABTech if you can recommend further information for these guides.
    Information for Amputees - Resource Kit Generation System.
    Advice For Amputees Book
    A basic Patient Acknowledgement Form( 6 Kb; PDF Format)
    Care of the Residual Limb and Prosthesis

    Care of the Residual Limb and Prosthesis (65 Kb; PDF Format):
    NSW Artifical Limb Service (Published by the NSW Department of Health)


    Information on Manufacturing Techniques
    Download information on
    The strength of laminations. ( 630 Kb; PDF Format)

    How to find health information resources at REHABTech
    Guide to books, journals and audiovisual material (64Kb; PDF format)
    Check our online favourite websites

    Information on the use of components
    Warning / Recommendation -
    Potential Pyramid failure (10/8/00) (188Kb; PDF format)
    A guide for action re: Potential Pyramid failure (17/8/00)
    Download information on Maximising Component Service Life ( Use and continued reuse of components) ( 42 Kb; PDF Format)
    Suggested protocols for components not tested or used over their recommended weight limit. ( 13 Kb; PDF Format)
    Download information on prosthetic L - Codes ( 202 Kb; PDF Format)
    Standards relevant to Prosthetic and Orthotic components ( 1.3 Kb; PDF Format)
    New Download a Review of failed components 2000 inspected by REHABTech ( 7 Kb;PDF Format)
    Download a Review of failed components 1995 inspected by REHABTech ( 10 Kb;PDF Format)
    Component failures

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