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Description: Monash University logo and Sound Strategy title

Description: Ryan Lee in office demonstrating how mini speaker works.

Caption: Ryan Lee. C.EO. of X.M.I.

Ryan Lee: "I didn't need a degree to start this business but to be honest I think the degree was part of the learning process."

Description: Ryan demonstrating how mini speaker works and shots of newspaper with story on Ryan winning award.

Narration: At 32 Ryan is the CEO of XMI the company he founded in 2006. At first he survived on savings and juggling bank credit. This year the company has more than a dozen staff and is expected to turn over 12 million Singapore dollars this year.

The key to his success is the tiny speaker design, dubbed the X-mini. The capsule features a patented vacuum tube that expands like an accordion, which provides greater low-end bass response and can be collapsed into an egg-like sphere for storage and travel. The result is a pocket-sized speaker system with a sound that defies its size.

The capsule speakers sell for about A$50 and are available in 58 countries on six continents. Ryan says he enjoyed his Masters study at Monash University in 2001, saying it was strongly focused on practical learning.

Ryan Lee: "As a business student there I thought the business faculty was great. The lecturers were good, we had really qualified lecturers and the course I did there was Applied Economics. They really made sure we understood how to really put practical use to whatever we learned in economics. I think that's what really helped ultimately."

Description: Photo shoot with Ryan in amongst many boxes of the mini speakers

Narration: Ryan's blend of business sense and creativity means he is already working on a number of ideas to capture new niche markets and hoping to bring a smile to the face of the next generation of gadget lovers.

Ryan Lee: "I believe you get better ideas when you don't limit your imagination by chasing something quantifiable like money."

Description: Monash University logo and Sound Strategy title

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