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A Monash communications graduate has landed her dream job - working in television news - just months after finishing university.

Grace Ng

Monash University graduate Grace Ng is bringing the latest news into the homes of thousands of Malaysians.

And she is working in the exciting television industry just months after completing her communication degree at the University's Malaysian campus in Bandar Sunway, Kuala Lumpur.

The 24-year-old is a journalist for the 8pm news on station ntv7, compiling and presenting breaking stories from around the world.

Grace says she loves her job and being part of a busy and dynamic environment.

"The fact I know the news before everyone else, it sort of gives me a rush. And to be reporting something that is actually so important is just so exciting," she said.

It is the kind of job Grace has dreamt off, but something she thought might take several years of work to realise.

"Some days it is a bit hard to believe that I have progressed so fast: the journey has been quite incredible really. I never imagined I would have a career in media so quickly."

She thinks a Monash qualification definitely helped her get a good job fast.

"Yes I think it has, because there is Monash University on my resume - it does stand out," she said.

Perhaps more importantly she said study at Monash "messed with her head, but in a good way". The Monash experience broadened her perspective and gave her the creativity and maturity to succeed. "My whole perspective of the world was completely changed," she said.

"The world is not just as we see it, there are many perspectives. The way it liberated my mind was amazing, it was just incredible.

"It wasn't so much the practical side of things, such as how to write a script, but more the change of perspective. So the way I look at the world is different and I think that helps a lot in terms of creativity, in terms of the way I think, it made me such a mature thinker. Once I stepped into Monash my thinking matured so much more.

"Monash provides you with a background and a framework in which to think and that is what gave me the most advantage," she said. "I think that is what gave all of us Monash students an advantage, an advantage above the rest."

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