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Around Monash


Master plan
Monash Vice-Chancellor Professor Richard Larkins says the future of Australian universities are at a critical junction. During an address to the Melbourne Press Club, Professor Larkins outlined his plan for the future.

Passport for life
It was hot. It was sandy. And not a whiteboard to be seen. One of the largest classrooms on Earth lies in the rolling Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area in southwestern New South Wales, the site of a profound educational lesson for Professor Adam Shoemaker.

Flying high
Monash University is equipping engineering students to be the next generation of high flyers through a new leadership program that broadens the traditional skills base of engineers.

World leaders
Monash University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is this year enjoying a double celebration, marking the 40th anniversary and being ranked one of the world's best for developing future leaders.

Soul Music
A Monash University project is giving hope to hundreds of orphans in war-torn Afghanistan. In a country where music is considered food for the soul, children will be taught music to improve their life chances and revive fading traditions.

Catalyst capitalists
A new Monash postgraduate course is giving science students the skills they need to convert science discoveries into business success stories.