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50 years of art

Monash University has been collecting contemporary Australian art for most of its 50-year history. Today, the Monash University Museum of Art is as a leading public art museum and custodian of an outstanding collection. Based at the Clayton campus, there are plans for a new presence on the Caulfield campus. The 1500 piece collection covers the work of some of Australia's most influential artists - from Fred Williams and Howard Arkley to Tracey Moffatt and Daniel von Sturmer.

Kate Beynon
Li Ji 1996

chenille sticks and cotton, TDK D60 audio tape
221 x 248cm (irreg.)

Robert Rooney
Variations slippery seal 1967

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
106.7 x 106.7cm
Purchased 1970

Daniel von Sturmer
The field equation 2006

reconfigurable installation of video projections, various sculptural objects, screens and plinths
Purchased 2006

Robert Owen
Square relief

aluminium, perspex, oroglass
122 x 122 x 8cm (irreg.)
Purchased 1995

Mike Parr
Bardot-Stalin 2000

etching print in relief and lift ground aquatint on Velin Arches
232 x 390cm
Gift of the artist and John Loane

Anne Zahalka
Saturday 2:48pm 1995

duratran and light box
125 x 176 x 25cm
Purchased 1996

John Brack
Crossing 1978

oil on canvas
137 x 152cm
Purchased 1979

Aleksander Danko
The Danko 1971 Concept of Sculpture. SCULPTURE as being the elusive object HA! 1971

wood, steel, engraved trafelite, canvas
102 x 46 x 35cm
Purchased with the assistance of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council, 1988

Tracey Moffatt
Untitled 1989 (from the series Something more)

cibachrome print
10 x 155cm
Gift of the Friends of the Monash University Gallery, 1992

See the Monash University Museum of Art website.