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Around Monash

Monash University has cemented its position as Australia's largest and most internationalised research intensive university with the offical opening of the Malaysia campus.

Sunway rising
The University's A$80/RM200 million Malaysia campus was officially opened in September, confirming its commitment to a presence in South East Asia and marking a success story in international education.

Glass act
Monash University's Faculty of Art and Design has been training some of Australia's best glass blowers for more than a quarter of a century.

Sky's the limit
Associate Professor Jean Armstrong was the first woman to lecture in an Australian university engineering department and has been a mentor to many Monash engineering students, including Xia (Summer) Li.

A country practice
Monash is committed to addressing the shortage of trained doctors willing to work in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Africa's nation builders
Students from Monash's thriving South Africa campus are imagining a successful future for not just themselves, but for their communities, their nations and their continent.

Breaking the sound barrier
Monash Berwick Information Technology academic Kirsten Ellis has developed multimedia technology to teach sign language.

Dance lessons
Education experts at Monash University are studying an unconventional method of keeping 'at risk' and disadvantaged students at school.

Fresh science
Monash University is helping to reverse a steady decline in young people taking up a degree in the sciences by using the next generation of students as high school ambassadors.