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Monash Magazine

Spring/Summer 2007

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  Monash Magazine front cover

Suspending disbelief: This image of a drop of blood floating in thin air, photographed by Steven Morton of Monash University's School of Physics, won equal first prize in the New Scientist Eureka Prize for Science Photography.



Sunway rising
The University's A$80/RM200 million Malaysia campus was officially opened in September, confirming its commitment to a presence in South East Asia and marking a success story in international education.

Multiple choice
Dean of Law, Professor Arie Freiberg, says by studying law from their first day, often incorporating a second degree, Monash University students are taking the best step towards career success.

Storm warning
An 80-year-old principle discovered by Albert Einstein is being applied by Monash University scientists to develop an 'electronic canary', capable of detecting tiny grains of biohazardous materials.

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