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Research news

Technology tamers: Professor Graeme Hodge and Ms Diana Bowman are investigating models for regulating nanotechnology.

Art's revolution
At the turn of the millennium, Monash University overhauled its studio-based doctorate in fine art. What has resulted has delighted its creators -- the biggest PhD program of its kind in the country, a growing stable of indomitable talent and an inspired and inspiring arts community.

Making business accountable
Wayne Gumley from Monash's Department of Business Law and Taxation wants company directors to be obliged to consider the wider social and environmental consequences of their operations.

The business of being green
A cutting-edge Special Research Centre at Monash University is leading the way for green chemistry and a cleaner Australia.

Taming the tiniest technology
Nanotechnology is developing apace, yet no country has introduced laws to regulate it. At Monash, researchers in the Law faculty are looking for the best place to start.

Trickle down technology
The efforts of two Monash researchers may help persuade the urban planners of the world's driest continent to save precious rain water by using a new type of paving for public areas.

Food for thought
World-renowned food and nutrition expert Professor Mark Wahlqvist is at the forefront of an international move to promote the benefits of African food to the world community.