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Monash Magazine

Spring/Summer 2006

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The business of being green: A cutting-edge Special Research Centre at Monash University is leading the way for green chemistry and a cleaner Australia.



Engaging the World
Monash University has made a commitment to delivering new solutions in research and education for the 21st century under its new vision -- 'Engaging the World'.

Synchrotron breathes life into research
Premature babies often have breathing difficulties. At birth, their immature lungs are filled with liquid when what they need is air. Now, with the use of synchrotrons, Monash researchers are investigating ways of helping babies breathe easier.

Alumni on the land
Over the years, Monash has produced quite a crop of foodies -- the alumni behind some of our most delicious wines, cheese, bread, fruits, olives and coffee. Here we profile three businesses, run by Monash graduates who like to get their hands dirty.

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