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Monash Magazine

 Autumn/Winter 2006

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Ancient city comes to life: It's a long way from the 13th century Khmer empire to modern-day Australia, but a researcher in Monash's IT faculty is bringing the two worlds together.



Giving for the future
Donations to Monash come in all shapes and sizes, from multimillion dollar commitments to annual student prizes of a few hundred dollars.

Pharmacy still at the forefront -- 125 years on
The Victorian College of Pharmacy was established in the late 1800s to help regulate the sale of medicines and potions in Victoria. In the 125 years since, it has evolved into a leader in drug development and wound care.

Bright Young Things
Monash's Education faculty is a leader in teacher training but is also highly respected for its research. To keep that academic light shining, the faculty has begun a quest to attract recent graduates back to university.

China Asia's 'engine' gears up
China's development as a major economic power has accelerated foreign investment and interest in the country. Here, Monash researchers discuss what these changes mean for China's future.

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