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Monash Magazine

 Spring/Summer 2005 issue

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Alpine skiers from the New South Wales Institute of Sport used one of the two wind tunnels at Monash's Clayton campus to improve their times before the Torino Winter Olympics in Italy. The ski team coach reported that the wind tunnel experiment allowed the skiers to reduce their drag by 5 to 10 per cent.



Those were the days
Student activism has declined since the heady days of the Vietnam War protests. Is all passion spent?

Settling for less...or having it all?
Monash academics discuss why so many women are abandoning their careers in their prime and whether the traditional Aussie bloke has disappeared.

The Maldives: Bringing relief to Buruni
In January this year, Monash medicine graduate and Fulbright fellow Dr Ranjana Srivastava headed for the remote island of Buruni, in the Maldives, to provide medical assistance to tsunami survivors.

Building blocks
Monash University is looking to the future with major infrastructure developments across its campuses.

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