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Monash Magazine

 Autumn/Winter 2005 issue

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Cover story

Working for wellbeing - The Women's Health Program
Professor Susan Davis, the inaugural chair of women's health at Monash University, hopes the Women's Health Program will optimise the physical and psychological wellbeing of Australian Women.


Stem cells: the debate continues
Laws relating to embryo research are under review. Stem cell expert Professor Alan Trounson discusses the implications.

A diplomatic life
Monash University alumni are spread far and wide in diplomatic posts throughout the world.

An unhealthy silence
Men's health is a subject that has almost been taboo, but Andrology Australia is hoping to get the whole country talking about it.

Growing a greener world
With demand for environmentally sustainable science increasing, the Centre for Green Chemistry is working towards making it a reality.

Champions of worthy causes
Two Monash graduates from different cultures have received the 2004 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

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