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Web of light
One of nature's most remarkable materials -- the dragline silk from the golden orb-weaver spider -- is stronger than steel and has great commercial potential.

A new dimension
Urban planning methods could be totally revamped through an innovative project at the new Monash Institute for Vision Systems.

Stem cells -- helping improve drug design
Stem cells could help improve our understanding of the action of existing drugs and aid in the discovery of new drugs for illnesses such as depression, obesity and anxiety.

Healthy helping
Monash researchers are investigating why people with a developmental disability are more likely than the rest of the community to suffer from a host of medical conditions.

Linguists unite to document islanders' language
Languages all over the world are dying as the 'linguistic bulldozers' of widely spoken languages such as English and Spanish crush smaller ones.

The dangers of mixing medication
Combining complementary medicines with prescription medication is becoming more and more common -- but it can also be dangerous.

Roving eyes
A Monash University Accident Research Centre expert warns that driver distraction could escalate into a major road safety issue and action is needed before it's too late.