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News from Monash

Putting health on the agenda
A new vision for Monash's Peninsula campus will put health more prominently on the agenda for both the campus and the region.

A demanding business
Monash University has offered graduate programs in business since its earliest days. But a new era demands new solutions - and this year the new Graduate School of Business was created to act as a focus for all the university's graduate business programs.

A crucial cause
Engineering lecturer Associate Professor Maki Habib has taken his expertise in robotics technology to a global level through his involvement in ridding the world of landmines.

Library matters
Each year the Monash University Library receives many donations of books, journals, music scores, sound recordings and other published material.

From history horror stories to historical literacy
A leading history educator wants to move beyond the horror stories to teach history in a whole new way.

Capturing the right image
A growing band of high-profile photographic artists and practitioners are re-engaging with their art form and exploring the possibilities that advances in technology can bring.

Screen success
The Monash University Accident Research Centre owns and operates the most advanced driving research simulator in the Southern Hemisphere.

Finding the right solutions
A new computer language being developed by Monash academics could help industry save hundreds of hours and millions of dollars every year.