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Autumn/Winter 2004

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Cover story

  • Man on a mission
    Monash student Hugh Evans was recently named Young Australian of the Year for his work helping those less fortunate than himself. When he's not addressing schools or church groups or university graduates about his aid agency, the Oaktree Foundation, the media is chasing him for an interview.




  • The brain and bone builders
    The scaffolds used to support new buildings and buildings under repair are being recreated in miniature for use by the medical profession for implantation into the human body.
  • A golden quest
    There is a wealth of gold deposits across the Australian continent, and finding the largest and richest is an expensive business. Now, a Monash geoscientist is using synchrotron radiation to discover why gold deposits form where they do.
  • Investigating older drivers
    Many older adults see being able to drive as crucial to maintaining their independence, but authorities worldwide are concerned they are at risk on the roads.
  • From Dr Who to Madonna . . . the computer music beat goes on
    Avant-garde musicians were some of the earliest adopters of computer technology, and it is inconceivable that a modern recording studio could operate without computers.
  • Electronic education heats up in Chile
    A group of educators in Chile is reaping the benefits of Monash expertise in best-practice use of computers, the internet, intranets and other electronic and digital communication technologies in schools.
  • Making the most of antibiotics
    Antibiotics have saved millions of lives, but their effectiveness has been reduced as an increasing number of bacteria become resistant to them.
  • Targeting a growing problem
    Centre for Health Economics researcher Dr Leonie Segal is studying publicly funded health initiatives to see which ones work, and why.
  • Journey to the origin of the Solar System
    A Monash University mathematician, regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on the formation of the Solar System, has surprised many with the remarkable accuracy of his predictions.

News from Monash

  • Reconstructing southern Africa
    As the political climate throughout southern Africa continues to change, the Monash South Africa Centre for Law and Reconstruction in Southern Africa is helping businesses, governments and community groups meet developmental needs while maintaining legal compliance.
  • Engineering the needs of industry
    An agreement between Monash University Malaysia and Motorola is helping meet industry needs while developing the campus as a centre of excellence in electronic design.
  • Preventing panic
    Panic disorder affects 25 out of every 1000 people, yet many of these people seek no help for their condition.
  • Giving for life
    In death, as in life, Associate Professor Blair Ritchie is contributing to our knowledge of developmental health issues in newborn babies through a generous bequest to the Ritchie Centre for Baby Health Research.
  • Monash South Africa - making its mark
    With a growing student population, high-quality research projects and a new teaching and seminar wing, Monash South Africa continues to go from strength to strength.
  • South Africa's 'Zulu warrior' shows his softer side
    Former national soccer champion and Monash South Africa soccer coach Mr Linda Buthelezi is showing his softer side through his involvement with disadvantaged youth.
  • Mastering design
    When a Monash University art and design graduate decided to enhance his knowledge of design, he looked no further than Monash's new Master of Design by research course.
  • Capturing design's futureground
    Monash University's Art and Design faculty at Caulfield campus will soon host the influential Design Research Society International Conference -- the first time the conference has been held outside Europe.



  • An outstanding entrepreneur
    Dr Jannie Tay has been recognised by Monash University for her outstanding achievements in business in Singapore and internationally, for her energetic advocacy for the advancement of women and for her sustained contributions to community causes.

  • Language lover
    In an eclectic career -- from academic historian to writer of political satire, political speeches, essays, books and films -- Monash alumnus Dr Don Watson is now turning public language on its head.
  • A passion for research
    An early interest in science has taken Monash's new deputy vice-chancellor (research) from university research laboratories to the top position at a biotech company and back into the university sector.
  • Trend spotting
    A Monash Master of Arts graduate with a flair for analysing population statistics has pursued a highly successful career as an analyst, author and commentator on consumer, cultural and demographic trends.
  • Inspired choice
    The new artistic director of the Monash University Museum of Art was inspired by artworks he first encountered as a Monash student.
  • Monash Law - marking 40 years
    This year, the Faculty of Law celebrates its 40th anniversary. Despite its well-deserved reputation today as a law school of national and international repute, the faculty's beginnings were rather inauspicious.
  • New dean takes helm
    The Faculty of Law earlier this year welcomed its new dean, Professor Arie Freiberg, who was previously dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne.


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