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Spring/Summer 2003

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An advocate for excellence

New vice-chancellor of Monash University Professor Richard Larkins is looking forward to an exciting future with an institution renowned for its world-class research and teaching activities.
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A global partnership

Monash's reputation as a high-quality research institution has fostered collaborations between the university and dozens of other institutions around the world.
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  • Motoring on
    A long and successful collaboration between an Australian automotive giant and Monash University has set the benchmark for innovation in vehicle safety design.
  • A new future for Dharavi
    Monash Asia Institute director Professor Marika Vicziany is looking at ways to help the residents of India's Dharavi slums.
  • Seaweed search
    Monash University researchers are diving beneath the waters of the Falkland Islands surveying local seaweeds that are vital to the island's economy.
  • Giving drugs a spray
    A discovery by Monash researchers could lead to an alternative to needles for administrating drugs.
  • Shining a light on cancer
    A new project by Monash University researchers aims to use synchrotron light to identify brain tumour types more accurately.
  • Crystal crazy
    A research unit set up 18 months ago to investigate the structure of proteins has already made several significant discoveries.
  • Fighting AIDS
    After six years charting the history of HIV/AIDS in Australia, a Monash postdoctoral fellow believes the country's pragmatic and innovative response helped limit the spread of the disease.


News from Monash


In a class of its own

Monash University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) course ranks among the top 100 MBAs in the world. Since it began in 1968, the course has been renowned for the provision of high-quality management education.
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  • Finding art in Australia
    Ms Belinda Scott credits an inspiring Monash University lecturer with arousing a passion for both anthropology and Indigenous art.
  • A global approach to teaching
    Monash Faculty of Education teaching students have been undertaking rounds with a difference in the Cook Islands.
  • Cancer knowledge online
    For women with breast cancer, the ability to access timely, relevant and reliable information is a vital component of 'patient empowerment'.
  • Careers by design
    Undergraduates studying furniture design at Monash University are plotting a path to a successful career in the commercial sector.
  • Racecar engineers living their dreams
    An auto workshop within the Mechanical Engineering department at Monash is home to a student-built racing car.
  • Global advocacy
    The Monash Law faculty is providing expert witness training and advocacy skills to the United Nations.
  • Islamic banking on the agenda
    Islamic banking is gaining popularity around the world, but ignorance and misunderstanding of some of its practices remain.




Expert hands

Dr Susan Lim, a top Monash medical graduate from the 1970s, has gone on to a remarkable career as a pioneering surgeon in Singapore.
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  • Monash in South Africa
    The first students at Monash South Africa are ready to accept their degrees.
  • Top post for dedicated educator
    As the new pro vice-chancellor of Monash University Malaysia, Professor Merilyn Liddell will lead the campus into new fields of teaching, research and regional engagement.
  • Monash around the world
    Monash University has eight campuses including one in Malaysia and one in South Africa, and centres in London, UK and Prato, Italy.


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