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Marketing is a fun, dynamic, complex activity (and discipline) that focuses on providing value to both organisations and consumers. Very simply, marketing is about matching what an organisation has (or can do) with someone who wants it. Marketing is about selling, it is about advertising, but it also so much more. The study and practice of the 'so much more' is what makes marketing so interesting!

In today's dynamic and global business environment, marketing permeates all areas of operations and forms an integral element of business growth and achievement. Highly qualified, innovative and international marketing practitioners, supported by well researched and pertinent marketing knowledge, are increasingly in demand.


Master of Business

To complete the marketing major in the Master of Business, students must complete:

Six units (36 points) from the following list:

  • MKF5200 Assessing marketing performance
  • MKF5280 Sustainable marketing
  • MKF5911 Theory and process of buyer behaviour
  • MKF5912 Marketing research
  • MKF5660 Relationship marketing
  • MKF5926 Integrated marketing communication
  • MKX5123 Entrepreneurial innovation
  • MKX5260 International marketing
  • MKX5955 Marketing and the international consumer

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