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  • RAD1012 Radiographic science and practice 2
  • RAD1021 Radiologic physics and radiation protection
  • RAD1031 Radiologic biology 1
  • RAD1061 Radiographic science and practice 1
  • RAD1082 Radiologic biology 2
  • RAD2012 Radiographic science and practice 4
  • RAD2051 Radiographic science and practice 3
  • RAD2061 Radiologic biology 3
  • RAD2092 Radiologic biology 4 and sectional anatomy
  • RAD3042 Medical imaging science and practice 2
  • RAD3051 Medical imaging science and practice 1
  • RAD3061 Medical imaging science (ultrasound)
  • RAD3092 Magnetic resonance imaging (physics and technology)
  • RAD4000 Radiography and medical imaging work experience
  • RAD4070 Research in medical imaging
  • RAD4080 Selected topics in medical imaging
  • RAD4160 Advanced medical imaging and clinical skills