Science areas of study and sequences - Malaysia

The School of Science offers a number of major and minor sequences or the Bachelor of Science; these are offered on the Malaysia campus. Available studies range across biotechnology, chemistry, food science and technology, medical bioscience, microbiology and physiology, together with genetics and tropical biology.

Students should consult individual unit* entries for details of prerequisites, corequisites, prohibitions and semester of offer. Some sequences include units with prerequisites that are not included in the sequence itself. Some higher-level units are offered every second year, but sequenced to allow completion of a major over three consecutive years. Also, some other units are offered in off-campus mode every second year only.

All units have a value of six points unless otherwise indicated. Some entries for a science area of study may refer students to an associated area of study; in these instances the reference is to the relevant area of study for the same campus.

For more information on the structure of sequences, such as the limitations on counting level two and three units for more than one sequence, refer to the Science units and sequences webpage in this Handbook.

* If specific units must be studied, in each science area of study they are referred to by the full unit code and title in the first instance and by their code only thereafter.

Areas of study


  • Minor in applied biochemistry
  • Major in applied biochemistry
  • Major in biotechnology
  • Double major in biotechnology


  • Minor in chemistry
Computational science
  • Minor in computational science

Food science and technology

  • Minor in food science and technology
  • Major in food science and technology
  • Double major in food science and technology


  • Minor in genetics

Medical bioscience

  • Major in medical bioscience
  • Double major in medical bioscience


  • Minor in applied microbiology
  • Major in applied microbiology
  • Minor in physiology


  • Minor in psychology
  • Major in psychology

Tropical biology

  • Minor in tropical biology
  • Major in tropical biology

Other science units

Other science units