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NOTE: The course details provided in the entries listed on this web page are for those students who commence their studies in 2014 - students who began their studies prior to this should consult the archived Handbook edition for the year in which they started their course. Archived handbooks are available at

Health Administration

  • 4528: Master of Health Administration

Health Economics and Policy

  • 3807: Graduate Diploma in Health Economics and Policy

Health Professional Education

  • 3413: Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education
  • 3860: Master of Health Professional Education

Health Science

  • 3882: Bachelor of Health Science
  • 3971: Honours degree of Bachelor of Health Science
  • 3965: Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Social Work (with Honours)
  • 4503: Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Business
  • 3870: Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Social Work

Health Services Management

  • 2870: Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management
  • 2314: Graduate Diploma in Health Services Management
  • 2872: Master of Health Services Management

Higher Education

  • 2550: Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

Higher Education Studies

  • 4099: Diploma of Higher Education Studies

Human Resource Management

  • 2778: Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • 2099: Master of Human Resource Management

Human Rights Law

  • 3392: Master of Human Rights Law