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All areas of study information should be read in conjunction with the relevant course entry in the Handbook. The units listed for this area of study relate only to the 'Requirements' outlined in the Faculty of Information Technology component of any bachelors double degrees.

Managing facultyFaculty of Information Technology
Offered byClayton School of Information Technology


  • Unit codes that are not linked to their entry in the handbook are not available for study in the current year.


Large-scale systems development requires not only a solid grounding in computer science, but also sound knowledge of technological topics, such as computer architecture and networking. The systems development major combines the study of these areas with basic training in software engineering and is aimed at students who want to focus on the engineering aspects of information technology.

Sequence requirements

Minor in systems development

Students complete:

  • FIT1010 Introduction to software engineering
  • FIT2043 Technical documentation for software engineers
  • FIT2069 Computer architecture
  • FIT2070 Operating systems

Major in systems development

Students complete the minor in systems development (above) and

  • FIT3063 Human-computer interaction
  • FIT3077 Software engineering: architecture and design

plus any two units from:

  • FIT2024 Software engineering practice
  • FIT3013 Formal methods in software engineering
  • FIT3042 System tools and programming languages
  • FIT3080 Intelligent systems
  • FIT3088 Computer graphics
  • FIT3139 Computational science
  • FIT3141 Data communications and computer networks
  • FIT3143 Parallel computing
  • FIT4004 Systems validation and verification, quality and standards

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2380 Bachelor of Computer Science