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Monash University Handbook 2010 Postgraduate - Unit

4 points, SCA Band 0 (NATIONAL PRIORITY), 0.0833333 EFTSL

FacultyFaculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
OfferedClayton Summer semester A 2010 (Off-campus)
Coordinator(s)Ms Caroline Wright


This unit will provide a systematic introduction to the clinical setting, the profession roles within medical radiations, the equipment that is utilised within the clinical departments and the role and function of other members of the health care team. It will also address personal and patient safety in the clinical setting including infection control, and focus the attention of the student upon the application of anatomy and pathophysiology in the clinical setting. The unit will also include human communication theory and orientate students towards the ways these theories influence
professional interactions with patients and their families or carers.


On successful completion of this unit students will be able to demonstrate and communicate a broad and critical conceptual understanding of:

  1. The concept of profession and the radiation therapy profession in the context of the provision of radiation oncology to patients;
  2. The structure and function of the modern clinical radiotherapy department;
  3. Principles of infection control and workplace safety;
  4. Anatomical reference sites and methods used for tattooing a patient prior to treatment;
  5. Human communication theories and their application to the practice of radiation therapy;
  6. Principles of infection control in the workplace;
  7. Principles of landmarking, palpation and tattooing and;
  8. Appropriate and confession interactions with patients and their families or carers.


Clinical workbook comprising:
12 case reports, 30 examination entries and 2 professional development investigations (1000 words each)(60%)
4 Clinical Skills Assessments (level of beginning practitioner)(40%)

Chief examiner(s)

Ms Caroline Wright

Off-campus attendance requirements

Placement for 5 continuous weeks in a clinical Radiotherapy Department, Nuclear Medicine or Medical Imaging Department (4 weeks academic credit, 1 week professional credit).


MMR4000, MMR4010 and either RTS4021, NMS4021 or MIS4021.


MMR4022 and MMR4020