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RTP5000 - Principles of radiation oncology of the breast

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Leader(s): Caroline Wright


Clayton Second semester 2009 (Off-campus)


This unit builds upon the knowledge of oncology related to the breast which is presented in RTP4000. It allows students to investigate imaging modalities related to radiation therapy and the current planning and treatment techniques, including dosimetric considerations for planning. It presents the radiobiological basis
of dose and fractionation regimes together with detailed information relating to side effects and their management. Patient care issues related to the course of radiation therapy which a patient with breast cancer undergoes are also presented in this unit.


By the end of the unit students will be able to critically;

  1. Justify the selection of imaging modality(ies) utilised in the diagnosis, planning and treatment of breast cancer;
  2. Analyse and reflect on current radiation therapy planning and treatment techniques for breast cancer;
  3. Evaluate the emerging approaches to radiation therapy planning and treatment for the breast cancer and the issues associated with implementation;
  4. Discuss the relationship between radiobiology and dose/fractionation regimes for breast cancer;
  5. Appraise the side effects of radiation therapy to the breast and discuss the role of toxicity scoring tools in assessing radiation therapy induced side effects and their management;
  6. Analyse patient care issues arising during a course of radiation therapy to the breast.


PowerPoint Presentaion (1000 words) plus a Critial Response to a peers PowerPoint presentation (500 words) (30%)
Written Evaluation (1000 words)(10%)
Written Assignment (3000 words)(60%)

Contact hours

12 hours per week (off-campus)





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