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PHL1090 - Philosophy of film

6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts

Leader(s): Monima Chadha


Clayton Summer semester A 2009 (Day)


Film's ability to distort reality has often been considered a potential threat. However, film also affords us a unique opportunity to see the world in new ways. This course will use a variety of films, from popular classics to the avant-garde, as a basis for philosophical inquiry into concepts such as love, death, morality, reality, freedom, luck, memory, dreams, and existence. We will also consider films as vehicles for philosophical ideas and arguments, and will examine whether the ability of some films to 'think' about important issues means that they should, themselves be considered works of philosophy (filmosophy).


Students successfully completing this subject should have developed:

  1. Skills to think analytically about film;
  2. Skills to apply a range of philosophical theories/ perspectives to film;
  3. Skills to understand philosophical concepts/ issues conveyed in film;
  4. Skills to examine philosophical themes and concepts through their treatment in film.


Assignment 1 (2000-word essay): 40%
Assignment 2(2000-word essay): 40%
Exam (2 hours): 20%

Contact hours

Three 2-hour lectures, in week 3 and week 10 of Summer semester. + Three 2-hour tutorials each in week 3 and week 10 of Summer semester.

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