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LAW4122 - International law 406

6 points, SCA Band 3, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Law

Leader(s): Eric Wilson (Semester One); Gideon Boas (Semester Two)


Clayton First semester 2009 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2009 (Day)


Topics include: theory of international law; the place of States in international law, including their rights, obligations, status and jurisdiction; the sources of international law and how they are interpreted and applied; the implementation of international law by states, in particular Australia's approach; the nature of international disputes and their resolution; the law related to the use of force by States and self-defence; the role of international institutions; the role of individuals in international law; and specific areas of public international law, including the law of the sea and environmental law.


On completion of this subject students should understand and be able to critically examine:

  • the fundamental principles of international law;
  • the theoretical framework of international law and its relationship with domestic law;
the crucial role of States, international institutions and individuals in the international legal system;
  • how international law is made and the complexity involved in interpreting and applying its sources;
  • how Australia interprets and applies international law in relation to its own legal framework;
  • the use of force and self-defence in international law;
  • international dispute resolution;
  • some of the different areas of international law;
  • the political context and nature of international law.


Examination (2.5 hours): 100% OR Examination (2 hours): 70%
Optional Assignment (2400 words): 30%

Contact hours

Three hours of lectures per week


LAW1100 or LAW1101 and LAW1102 or LAW1104

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