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HSY2325 - From convict colony to white Australia

6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Arts

Leader(s): Christina Twomey


Clayton Second semester 2009 (Day)


This unit offers a critical examination of Australian people and culture from the earliest days of European settlement until the federation of the colonies in 1901 and the introduction of the White Australia policy. It explores the economic, social and cultural impact of colonisation and emigration on both newcomers and indigenous people; looking also at conflict over access to land, mineral wealth, political power and the control of working conditions; contests over the definitions, benefits and limitations of citizenship and at the fate of the family. It will also examine how artists, novelists, film-makers, politicians and historians have pictured Australia's colonial past.


Students successfully completing this unit will:

  1. Be able to identify the major economic, social and political developments in Australian colonial society between 1788 and 1901.
  2. Be able to distinguish between different historical interpretations of key aspects of colonial Australian history.
  3. Have developed skills in the critical analysis of various kinds of sources, especially primary sources for the study of Australian history.
  4. Have acquired solid writing and oral presentation skills.
  5. Have developed research and bibliographic skills.
  6. Students doing this unit at level 3 will also have developed skills in independent research.


2nd Year:
Assignment 1 (1000 words): 20%
Assignment 2 (2000 words): 40%
Examination (2 hours): 30%
Class Participation: 10%

3rd Year:
Assignment 1 (4000 words): 60%
Class Participation: 10%
Examination (2 hours): 30%

Contact hours

2 hours (1 lecture and 1 tutorial) per week


A first year sequence in History or permission



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