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GMA2000 - Year A Graduate entry MBBS

SCA Band 3, 0.000 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Leader(s): Dr Robyn Hill


Gippsland Second semester (extended) 2009 (Day)


GMA2000 provides an overall result for Year A Graduate entry MBBS based upon achievement in GMA1011, GMA2022 and includes the Integrated Vertical Assessment examination undertaken at the end of Year A. Teaching and learning activities for GMA1011 and GMA2022 have been outlined in the relevant unit approvals and student results for each of these units will contribute to the result for GMA2000.


GMA2000 is a hurdle requirement for successful completion of the Graduate entry MBBS course. On successful completion of the unit students will have demonstrated the necessary integration of knowledge and skills developed during Year A of the medicine course.


Weightings: GMA1011: 35%
GMA2022: 45% +VIA examination: 20%

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