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ECE4023 - Radio frequency electronics

6 points, SCA Band 2, 0.125 EFTSL

Undergraduate Faculty of Engineering


Not offered in 2009


This unit is a study of passive and active electronic components and devices and how they perform at radio and microwave frequencies. Physical RF circuits are to be designed, built and tested in the laboratory and as design projects. Extensive use is made of modern RF simulation and design software.


To educate the student about the unique nature of working at RF and microwave frequencies
To give the student the necessary analytical skills to analyse RF and microwave electronic components, circuits and systems
To teach the student to design RF and microwave circuits and systems
To give the student the skills to utilise sophisticated RF and microwave EDA software and to use RF and microwave test equipment to develop RF and microwave electronics


Continuous assessment: 30%
Examination (3 hours): 70%. Students must achieve a mark of 45% in each of these components to achieve an overall pass grade.

Contact hours

3 hours lectures, 3 hours laboratory and practice classes and 6 hours of private study per week


(ECE2021 or ECE2201) and (ECE2041 or ECE2401) and (ECE2061 or ECE2601)




ECE4204, ECE5203, ECE5204

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