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The staff portal tour

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You can easily move around in your portal using the portal's tabs.

  • tabs contain a collection of resources about a particular topic.
  • Once you are in a tab it is highlighted, so you always know where you are. tabs
  • Home page: ready access to your most frequently used services, applications and useful information like important Monash dates, your exam timetable, etc ...
  • Email tab: send and receive email, activate spam filtering and more ...
  • Teaching tab: add teaching commitments and manage online resources and learning systems.
  • Research tab: search for Monash researchers and their publications. Researchers can access eResearch resources and information.
  • Staff resources tab: access eServices, ESS, calendar and other employment related resources; change your Monash Directory Service details and much more ...
  • Library tab: view your library records, reserve books, link to catalogues, databases and electronic resources.
  • Campus and community tab: access Monash services and facilities, join discussion groups, find short courses, check Monash job opportunities, buy and sell on Monash Marketplace.
  • News and events tab: view and add events and promotions, access online booking systems, catch up on local news and sports.
  • Feedback: send us suggestions, queries and faults so we can make your new portal even better.

Your 'personal side bar' (PSB)

  • Your 'personal side bar'(PSB) stays readily accessible on the right hand side of the screen as you move from tab to tab: maintain your own set of portable favourite links, search the Monash web and staff directory, keep track of your email quota and library loans, listen to Radio Monash, access handy tools like the Oxford dictionary and more ...
Personal side bar
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