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About the portal

The portal has won the Hitwise award for most popular educational web site in Australia for five years in a row. It has come a long way since it it was launched in July 2000 after a trial in 1999. It is developed and maintained by Monash University eSolutions.

The portal provides over 90,000 end-user clients in Australian and international campuses with role based resources and information, access to many University services as well as home grown portal applications such as the booking system, Rideshare for carpooling, Fitness Connect for finding gym buddies and sport partners, Student diary and the Bulk messaging tool, just to mention a few. 

The portal business goals are to:

  • aggregate relevant information, links and other online resources in a secure, personalised environment
  • provide each member of the University community with a gateway to the resources they are likely to need, based on their roles and responsibilities
  • provide flexible access to user-centred electronic resources in the areas of learning and teaching, administration, research and community.

The portal as a learning and teaching tool

The portal provides access to a range of learning and teaching related services, such as the University's learning management system, Moodle, and course booklists.

Each Monash unit has a discrete portal page that staff and students of that unit can access. Teaching staff can edit Unit pages to enhance their students' learning experience by providing information and links to various resources relating to that Unit. Getting started: guide for teaching staff (209Kb PDF) contains instructions on how to edit Unit pages; it provides a good overview of the type of learning and teaching related functionality provided by portal Unit pages.


You can log in to from home, your mobile device, the University's computer labs, your local library - anywhere in the world! All you need is access to the internet and your Authcate username and password. Just go to

A message from the team about feedback

Since the launch of it has been our policy to encourage and respond to input and ideas from members of the Monash community. This has helped us develop in line with suggestions from our users.

We believe portal users know what they need better than we do. If you have a suggestion for how you think portal services could be improved, we would love to hear from you. You can send your contributions and suggestions to us by clicking on the Feedback link in the top right hand corner of any page.

Feedback received from students and staff indicates a high measure of success in achieving these goals:

  • 'Just wanted to let you guys know what a really great job this monash university portal is. I'm an off-campus student in Singapore and instead of having to deal with a whole lot of arcane and obscure links to access my unit pages, this whole streamlined access is amazing. My first degree was from ... and i tell u hands down, if i had know what a truly professional organisation Monash was, i would have made you guys my first choice ... I am truly very impressed by this means of integrating technology and the needs of its users. Great job all around.'
  • 'I've been very impressed with how easy to use the portal has been.'
  • 'I would like to say that the Results by SMS function is fantastic. I will be on holidays during the results release period and this will save me alot of trouble, as well as preventing me worrying about my results for three weeks. Thanks for providing this valuable service - and FREE too!'
  • 'I am using your excellent 'Getting started' guide to edit the my unit pages for ENG1070 and ENG1071 ...'
  • 'A help desk that lives up to its name! Thank you for your prompt and helpful response to my query. Brilliant guys!'
  • '... this is a great service and I commend the university for providing it for students. it is up to date with technology and many students appreciate it a lot.'
  • 'Hi Portal Team! I am very very very frequent user of the portal site! I think you've done a great job thus far! Congrats!'
  • 'First time for me at Monash - my 4th University in 45 years. I'm very impressed with what you have done with Current students may take it for granted, but I'm still at the 'wow look at this' stage. I really enjoy being back at Uni and as a part time external I look forward to making life so much simpler for me.'

Technical information

The portal architecture employs a variety of open source and proprietary technologies - including a web farmed Apache configuration, Perl, HTML::Mason and an Oracle database backend - to provide personalised information and services, and to integrate with other core university applications.


If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the portal, you can contact us using Service Desk Online; add 'Attention team' at the top of your message to ensure the Service Desk sends it directly to us. We value your feedback!