10,000 Steps Challenge

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The Monash 10,000 Steps Challenge begins on the  27th October and runs for four weeks. 

Participants will walk a virtual route of 2,080,000 steps around Malaysia, starting at the amazing Batu Caves. beautiful Cameron Higlands, and historical Malacca before finishing at the Petronas Towers.

Registrations have now closed.

Logging your steps

Questions about your team, logging steps and pedometer

  • Questions about your team or logging steps: Email wellbeing@monash.edu please include your team name or phone 990 51021 or 990 51016 or 990 20856
  • Pedometers: If you are not satisfied with your pedometer we recommend you purchase a pedometer from National Geographic stores, sporting shops, chemists and many supermarkets. Pedometers provided for the Monash challenge are of high quality and retail for between $20 - $30 in shops. If you believe your pedometer is faulty please visit the location you collected your pack from. You must hand in your faulty pedometer. Limited replacements are available. Unfortunately lost pedometers cannot be replaced.

Events and prizes

Participants can win great prizes and participate in a range of events at many campuses:

Walking 10,000 steps every day

To reach the 10,000-step goal, you will need to do a 30-minute walk on top of your normal daily activities. You can count swimming, going to the gym, playing tennis or other activities by converting them into steps, as follows:

  • 10 minutes of moderate intensity activity = 1000 steps
  • 10 minutes of high intensity activity = 2000 steps

Moderate intensity activity causes a slight but noticeable increase in breathing and heart rate. Examples are swimming, cycling, horse riding, rowing, dancing, active gardening (mowing, raking, digging).

High intensity activity makes you huff and puff and talking during this activity is difficult. Examples are circuit training, aerobics, brisk rowing, fast cycling, jogging, competitive sport (squash, netball, football).

You will find a step converter on the Monash 10,000 steps website when logging your steps.

Why 10,000 steps?

10,000 steps is the recommended level of activity for a healthy adult. It is about eight kilometres or one hour and 40 minutes walking, depending on your stride length and walking speed. Read the latest ABS Australian Health survey - pedometer research report.

The Monash 10,000 Steps Challenge puts a focus on the accumulation of activity across the day. To reach it and maintain it afterwards, we need to make choices to be more active.

How to get active at Monash and at home;

Contact for enquiries

Email: wellbeing@monash.edu please state as much information as possible about your enquiry. Your password can be reset on the 10,000 Steps website

Telephone: 990 51021 or 990 51016 or 990 20856