Safety induction program


Safety induction at Monash University is split into two parts - the online induction and the local area induction.

Online inductions

  • The Monash University online OHS induction

The Monash University Online OHS induction must be completed for all staff and some students (e.g. honours degrees and higher) within 4 weeks of starting and refreshed every 3 years. The program aims to give new staff an overview of occupational health and safety policy, procedures and practices at Monash and an understanding of their safety responsibilities. To ensure that completion of the OHS induction is recorded correctly, please log in using your staff or student authcate username and password.  Please do not use your student account, external account or role account if you happen to have one, as the completion of the induction will not be recorded and you will be required to repeat it. Also note that the OHS induction requires questions to be answered correctly throughout the program before continuing to the next section. You will only be recorded as having finished the OHS induction upon successful completion in its entirety.

Please note, due to technical issues and to ensure your induction is recorded as complete in SAP, please don't click on the external references link when asked.  This issue is in the process of being rectified.

This induction can be accessed using your authcate username and password:

You will need a computer with speakers or headphones, running a browser that supports Flash with your screen resolution set above 800x600. The program cannot be viewed using some Apple products such as an iPad.

Online safety induction videos (login)
If you wish to review the transcript it can be accessed at: Safety induction transcript (doc 62kb)
If you are required to complete the online induction, but will not be issued with a Monash University authcate login (some casual and sessional appointments), the following document can be used. Review the document, answer all questions and complete the submission form before sending to Occupational Health & Safety. If correctly completed, the staff induction will be recorded as completed in SAP. Please note that you must have a current Monash University Staff ID Number issued to complete this form. OHS Induction Program - short term appointments only

When staff finish the program, a record of completion is created in SAP. Induction records can be obtained by anyone with suitable SAP HR access. See how to access training records in SAP.

  • The Monash University online Facilities & Services Contractor OHS induction

Contractors engaged through Facilities and Services are required to complete the online Facilities & Services contractor induction program before commencing any work. To complete this process, contact Facilities and Services on 990 20222.

Local Area OHS induction

It is the responsibility of all supervisors of staff, students, contactors and visitors to ensure the completion of any and all relevant local area OHS inductions for all staff, students, contractors and visitors prior to commencing work in that area. Each area is required to provide an induction to ensure that anyone entering a workplace is aware of their responsibilities, the nature of hazards that may be present and the processes and associated documents with which they should be familiar.  The following local area induction checklists must be used when entering a new workplace within Monash University:

General Local Area OHS Induction Checklist - This document should be completed by all staff, students, contractors and visitors and is written to be applicable to their needs.

General Contractor Local Area Induction Checklist - This document can be completed by contractors who only need to access a workplace for low risk work.

Laboratory Local Area OHS Induction Checklist - If there are high risk activities being undertaken, such as laboratory work, this document provides a list of key hazards found in laboratories and must be used to ensure all hazards are highlighted.

If the above checklist is required, access to additional restricted areas may be indicated.  These areas warrant additional induction material beyond the local area induction. 

The following modules have been provided as a starting point for induction in common restricted access areas at Monash University.

Contact your OH&S Consultant/Advisor if you need assistance in completing these checklists.

Procedures and guidelines

Induction and training (pdf 59kb)